DMF Goes from Drift to Dirt

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If you’ve read our previous post, you would know that we’ve mentioned in the recent National Drift Championship that was held in Clark Global City, that it was simultaneous with other ongoing motorsport events, and one of those was Round 5  of the Philippine Rally Cross Series.

_MG_0137                                Feliciano’s latest rally car with it’s slick design and wrap done by Micrografx 

Upon learning this, David saw the opportunity to use the event to test and shakedown our newly built rally car which was a Mitsubishi Lancer. Sporting the latest KYB suspension, Brembo brakes, and equipped with Wanli tires, it did really well  inspite of the ‘baptism by fire’ type of grueling race we subjected it to. The dry and dusty rough road that was full of deep ruts and jumps coupled with the punishing summer heat was outright draining, not only to car but also to its driver.


Especially, since David Feliciano actually joined both events (NDC Rd 3 and Philippine Rally X Rd 5) at the same time. Jumping from one type of race and car to another is exhausting, since it is not only mentally straining, it is also physically taxing as the focus is continually shifting from a different set-up of car and style of driving to another.

_MG_0128‘No rest for the wicked.’ Feliciano seen here returning from NDC comp on the other side of the venue just in the nick of time to do his run in the Open Class 




IMG_1186                                          Welcome respite in between runs

                                     Snippet of Feliciano’s night run


It is therefore a testament to the car and driver that despite it being its maiden run in the world of motorsports (Rally X no less!) and was just being tested and shaken down, the car not only delivered and passed with flying colors —David actually won 1st Runner-up in the Open Class with it! Kudos to the whole team and our sponsors for making this happen.

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