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It was a very hot day at FTI Grounds in Taguig when we conducted our very own DMF DRIFT DAY last Saturday, October 20, 2012.

We organized this specifically for ALL drifters who want to practice and improve on getting close to each other in tandem battles.

We made this drift day not just for our drivers but open to all who want speed and angle while hitting the clipping points on the track.

The tight and technical (but fast!) track lay-out was done by none other than Formula D Asia driver, David M. Feliciano.

It proved to be a bit tricky for some, as evidenced by some of the photos we’ve posted, but it still provided a good solid learning base for all the drivers that went that day.


The whole day was fun, and everyone was in a great mood despite the heat (at least it didn’t rain!) and in spite of the numerous dings and hits their cars and wheels underwent from the tough course.

5 time LD Champion and resident funny guy Alex Perez provided not only the boxes of tasty Yellow Cab Pizza that was delivered to us and immediately polished off by everyone, he also was quickly called “The Extractor” for supervising the extraction of all the multiple cars that crashed including the debris that went with it.

 “The Extractor”…making sure the cars’ and the track’s parts and pieces are where they’re supposed to be.

David tests the track first to make sure it’s challenging yet fun for everyone.

We initially wanted a “Tandems Only” run on the lay-out for the day but the drivers had to familiarize themselves and get used to the fast and tight track first so there were also a lot of solo practice runs done.


Jesus aboard his Nissan A31 Cefiro “Green Machine”.

Car Porn Racing’s Ian King inside his trademark matte black Nissan A31 Cefiro.

DMF Drifter Dan Javier here in his Sil80, getting back on track after a long hiatus from drifting.

Rob Tan was there in his eye poppin’ blue Nissan Silvia S15.

Another one of our drivers, Chukri Prieto tries the track in his Toyota AE86 Levin.

Fix Stop’s RJ Obiedo maneuvering his DMF Drift made Nissan Silvia S15 again after a long sabbatical from drifting.

Kim Garcia struts his stuff inside his yellow AE86 Trueno.

David M. Feliciano aboard his Goodyear Nissan A31 Cefiro competition car.

Wreckless Inc.’s Struan Wallace drifting his way around the cones in his V8 powered Nissan A31 Cefiro.

Drift Mob’s John Boban shows off his Nissan 180SX’s shiny new booty.

DMF Drifter and Yellow Cab’s Alex Perez drifts the Franken31 with ease.

One of our students, and only lady drifter there, Tintin David shows girl power in her Nissan A31 Cefiro.

DMF Drifter Jason Choachuy, tries his hand in one of our Nissan A31 drift cars for rent.

Fix Stop’s Mark Rosca shows us his skills are still there using a Nissan Silvia S14.

Wheel Art’s Alvin Dayrit smokin’ the track in his Nissan A31 Cefiro.


We were happy to note though that by the end of the afternoon we were already seeing cars paired on the starting line and doing the track in tandem runs.

Alvin Dayrit (Goodyear A31) vs. Ian King (Monster A31)

RJ Obiedo (Silvia S15) vs. Mark Rosca (Silvia S14)

Jesus Romero Salas (Green Nissan A31) vs. Alex Perez (Goodyear Nissan A31)

Alvin Dayrit (Wheel Art Nissan A31) vs. David M. Feliciano (Goodyear Nissan A31)


We’d like to thank all who came and helped, joined and supported our very 1st DRIFT DAY and we hope to see everyone again in the next.

Special acknowledgements:



It was great to see all drifters from different teams come and join our  DRIFT DAY and we hope to have more drivers in our 2nd one soon. We’ll be announcing it here and on our events page on Facebook (click on link below) when it’ll be.

See you all again soon. Peace!




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