DMF bags 2nd top spot in Proline Drift Series in Guam

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Feliciano inside the Gen Coupe

Guam’s Pacific Daily News’ report on the win (photo by Tom Akigami)

Our very own driver David M. Feliciano bested everyone except D1GP Japanese Pro driver Isao Ota at the recent Proline Drift Series (Round 1) held at the Smokin’ Wheels event at the Guam International Raceway in Guam, USA last April 13, 2014. Feliciano who was a licensed Formula D Asia driver, was invited by Upshift’s organizer Tom Akigami to join.

DMF’s helmet resting atop his car for the comp.

He arrived from the Philippines on the same day of the comp. at Guam and had barely had time to practice, and also because he didn’t bring his own car, a Hyundai Genesis Coupe by Cars Plus Guam was provided for him to compete in.

Poster of the Proline Drift Series Rd. 1 on top of Cars Plus Guam Genesis

He was doing pretty well during the few practice rounds he was able to squeeze in before the competition proper that was held at night, but the car unfortunately suffered overheating problems by the time it was his turn to qualify.

DMF with Upshift boss and Smokin’ Wheels organizer Tom Akigami

Feliciano, who just managed to qualify because of the problems which slowed the car down, had to rely heavily on his skills to catch up in the subsequent drift battles and eventually brought the car and him against Ota for the final battle.

Face off!

Isao Ota who was using a right hand drive 180SX which was his D1GP spare car that was brought in all the way from Japan for the competition, used the power of his car to lead away from the Hyundai Gen that Feliciano was piloting, bringing Ota him the win.

DMF and the Gen looking good and on the right track. (photo by John Balbin)

David M. Feliciano is sponsored by: DMF DriftTonnka, Rota, Brembo, Sabelt, Cromax, SPY Optics, Motul, Racks and Aguila Auto Glass.

Top 3 Podium Pro Division winners from left: Filipino Pro driver David M. Feliciano (2nd), D1GP Pro Japanese driver Isao Ota (1st) Japanese D1GP Pro driver Kenji Yamanaka (as one of the 3 judges) and D1GP Pro Japanese driver Manabu Fujinaka (3rd).